SchoolNext is a computer based classroom learning solution developed to assist teachers and schools to effectively deliver subject knowledge in an interactive, fun-filled manner in the classroom. At present SchoolNext solution is tailor made for CBSE syllabus.

If you are concerned about the performance of your students, their level of interest in the class and the retention capacity, then SchoolNext is an ideal solution for your school.
  • 100 % aligned as per NCERT syllabus and guidelines - The SchoolNext content is researched over last 3 years and completely mapped to NCERT Syllabus and Guidelines. The guidelines gives details of classes per topic, time allocated and examination pattern.

  • Lesson Plan and Diary – The Teacher can plan the entire syllabus chapter by chapter. The lesson plan gives complete details like chapter objectives, background, time required to complete the lesson, reference books and articles and much more. You can also modify the lesson plan as per your requirement.

  • Question Paper Software – We have preloaded comprehensive list of questions with varying difficulty levels. You can add your own questions in the question bank. Within minutes you can set question paper for the entire school.

  • Easy for substitute teacher – You can track the last lesson taught and can start the lesson from there. Alternatively, the substitute teacher can also use self learning modules and teach with good quality audio visual aid.

  • Make your own lesson – Some teachers have unique way to teaching and we respect their sentiments. For their benefit we have unique image library mapped to NCERT syllabus. Teachers can make their own presentation to be given in the class.

  • Best of Hardware and Software – SchoolNext comes with best in class software and hardware. We have combined best of both worlds to get the best solution.

  • Plug and Play modules – The solution is so easy to use. You just need to login, click on the class, click on the subject and then chapter.

  • Customizable Solution – We aware that schools would have their own choice of hardware. So, we give the schools comprehensive choice of hardware and they can choose hardware as per their need.