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Org Name Women in Power Conference
Event Date 2019-04-13
Event Name Women in Power Conference 2019: Rise, Challenge, Thrive
Event Description The Women in Power Conference brings together students and young professionals to explore, discuss, and debate intersectional issues relating to the advancement of women in leadership through facilitating rich and thoughtful dialogue between the Harvard Kennedy School community and top thought leaders and practitioners. This years conference aims to build on the success of last year and bring together women and men for another empowering day of reflection on what it means for women to be in power. The Women in Power Conference 2019 will draw a special spotlight on informal forms of power and influence beyond designations and titles. We will explore power in its most diverse, accessible and inclusive forms. 2019 Panel themes include national security, foreign policy, grassroots movements and activism, performing arts as activism, impact through technology, bipartisan power, young female leadership and exploring the importance of resilience for women in power.
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