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Request Time 2018-11-19 16:34:30
Org Name Mexican Caucus
Event Date 2019-02-01
Event Name Mexico Conference
Event Description In 2018, Mexico experienced a historic democratic electoral process that granted a sweeping nationwide victory to Morena, the countrys new leftist political party. While welcomed by a visible majority, the new political forces advent in the limelight has sparked a palpable sense of uncertainty. Citizens across private, public, and civils societies within and beyond Mexico are clenching to differing expectations with regard to the new administrations understanding of and approach to tackling the countrys ongoing challenges. The MX Conference will offer a space in which these divergent visions can be expressed, challenged, and discussed. It will be held over two days, have 20+ speakers across 7 panels and 2 keynotes covering topics from the economic to political landscape, but also inclusivity / minority voices, soft power, etc.
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