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Status Completed
Request Time 2018-11-14 23:59:24
Org Name European Club
Event Date 2018-11-28
Event Name European Club Workshop on the future of EU-US relationships
Event Description The European Club at HKS will welcome 15 students for a workshop on the future of transatlantic relations, animated by Seth Johnson, visiting scholar at CES. This event will serve as initial brainstorming before launching series on the theme of US-EU relations. Each session will focus on a specific topic in which to (re?)ground the relationship, moving from existing/past areas of collaboration (international peace and security) towards potential future areas that could deepen or strengthen collaboration (including potentially tech/innovation, climate change, food, etc). The key question we aim to address is that of the areas in which EU-US collaboration can be useful and mutually beneficial beyond existing traditional alliance structures.
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