Showing approved events for all student organizations

Event ID Org Name Event Date Event Name Account
349 Brazilian Caucus 2018-10-07 Watch Party - Brazilian Elections Specific
351 In Vino Veritas 2018-10-19 Quorum Call - In Vino Veritas General
353 In Vino Veritas 2018-10-27 In Vino Veritas- TIPS Training Specific
354 In Vino Veritas 2018-10-05 Demystifying the World of Wine Specific
355 In Vino Veritas 2018-11-16 In Vino Veritas - By the Numbers Specific
358 Canadian Caucus 2018-10-03 Canadian Wine & Cheese Specific
359 Latin American Caucus 2018-10-04 From Academia to the Government: Promoting evidence-based policy in Argentina Specific
360 Brazilian Caucus 2018-10-07 Watch Party - Brazilian Elections Specific
362 British & Irish Caucus 2018-10-26 Dame Julie Mellor Discussion Group Specific
364 Pakistan Caucus 2018-10-04 Akhuwats Story of Interest-free Micro-finance Specific
365 Korea Caucus 2018-10-04 Understanding Fundamentals of Recommender Systems: How Netflix Works Specific
367 LGBTQ Caucus 2018-10-11 Celebrating National Coming Out Day Specific
370 Democratic Caucus 2018-11-03 Canvassing for Chris Pappas Specific
371 Women at HKS 2018-10-26 Dame Julie Mellor Discussion Group Specific
372 Asian Pacific American Caucus 2018-10-11 Affirmative Action Teach-In Specific
373 European Conference 2018-10-13 European Conference at Harvard Specific
375 International Development PIC 2018-10-30 Growth Diagnostics & Prosperity Specific
377 Asian Pacific American Caucus 2018-10-24 Exit Polling Training Specific
378 MPA1 Class 2018-10-08 Story telling evening Specific
379 Democratic Caucus 2018-10-13 Canvassing for Chris Pappas 10/13 Weekend Specific
380 Effective Altruism Student Group 2018-10-12 Effective Altruism Lunch Discussion Specific
382 Israel Caucus 2018-10-11 Israel Caucus small group dinner Specific
383 Indonesia Club 2018-10-12 Fundraiser & Film Screening for Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Victims Specific
385 VP Academic Affairs 2018-10-12 Academic Affairs Committee Meeting Specific
386 Spanish Caucus 2018-10-16 A Conversation with Ambassador Sendagorta Specific
388 British & Irish Caucus 2018-11-02 Quorum Call Specific
389 VP Academic Affairs 2018-10-12 Academic Affairs Committee Meeting Specific
390 Effective Altruism Student Group 2018-10-19 Effective Altruism Lunch Discussion Specific
391 VP Finance 2018-10-15 Finance Committee Meeting Specific
392 W3D - Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development 2018-10-18 A Conversation with Dr. Aminata Tour?, Former Prime Minister of Senegal Specific
393 Spanish Caucus 2018-11-08 Marta Garnelo Caama Specific
394 Rowing Club 2018-10-20 HKS Entry in Head of the Charles Regatta Specific
395 Africa Caucus 2018-10-18 Oby Ezekwesili Specific
396 Democratic Caucus 2018-10-21 Canvassing for Chris Pappas 10/21 Weekend Specific
397 Food and Agriculture PIC 2018-10-24 Cross-School Food and Ag Student Group mixer Specific
400 Korea Caucus 2018-10-20 Korean Traditional Food Event Specific
402 MPA1 Class 2018-10-18 MPA1 movie night Specific
403 Venezuelan Caucus 2018-10-22 Videoconference with Venezuelan Opposition Leader Specific
404 Electoral Politics PIC 2018-10-23 Board Member Welcome Dinner Specific
405 Argentine Society 2018-10-27 Argentina: challenges to its international relations Specific
406 Argentine Society 2018-12-30 Talk with Moreno Ocampo: Specific
407 LGBTQ Caucus 2018-10-25 LGBTQ Caucus Social Hour Specific
408 Global Leadership Society 2018-10-26 Breakfast with Luis Almagro, OAS Secretary General Specific
410 Republican Caucus 2018-10-31 Voting Trivia Event Specific
411 Catholic Caucus 2018-11-07 Catholic caucus mass Specific
412 The Future Society 2018-10-25 Silicon Valley Trek Info Session Specific
413 Democratic Caucus 2018-10-31 Absentee Ballot Get Out the Vote Event Specific
414 Korea Caucus 2018-10-24 Meeting with Former Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Specific
416 Vietnam Caucus 2018-10-27 Vietnam Caucus - Kick Off Dinner Specific
417 European Club 2018-10-24 A discussion with Douglas Alexander Specific
418 Black Student Union 2018-11-02 Black Community Retreat (joint Africa Caucus and Black Student Union) Specific
419 China Society 2018-10-25 Mid-autumn Boat Party Specific
421 Mexican Caucus 2018-11-02 Day of the Dead Themed Quorum Call Specific
422 Israel Caucus 2018-10-30 JINSA lecture Specific
424 Diplomacy PIC 2018-11-13 Diplomacy PIC Kick-Off and Happy Hour Specific
425 Media PIC 2018-11-05 Coffee with Margaret Talev Specific
427 Arab Caucus 2018-10-31 Arab Caucus Meeting Specific
428 Effective Altruism Student Group 2018-11-09 Effective Altruism Lunch Discussion Specific
429 International Development PIC 2018-11-15 Lunch and Learn with Salimah Samji Specific
431 Sustainability PIC 2018-11-08 SEE-PIC Slam 2: Energy Specific
432 Latin American Caucus 2018-11-08 Cultural Legacy as a Development Opportunity: the case of Peru Specific
433 Muslim Caucus 2018-11-15 Muslim Caucus: Team Building Dinner Specific
434 Singapore Policy Journal 2018-11-08 Policy Discussion on Social Inequality in Singapore Specific
435 Venezuelan Caucus 2018-11-13 Venezuela: the day after Specific
436 European Club 2018-11-05 Meeting with Pascal Lamy Specific
437 Asian Pacific American Caucus 2018-11-06 Voter Protection Volunteering Specific
438 Japan Caucus 2018-11-08 Tri-Mixer Specific
439 Republican Caucus 2018-11-07 Dinner with Prof. Roger Porter Specific
440 Asian Pacific American Caucus 2018-11-08 HAAPI Hour Specific
441 Asian Pacific American Caucus 2018-11-15 Exploring AAPI Identity & Movie Night Specific
442 Republican Caucus 2018-11-06 Republican Election Watch Party Specific
443 Mexican Caucus 2018-11-15 Fostering Resilient Partnerships: Effective Steps and Strategies Across Political Divides Specific
444 India Caucus 2018-11-08 HKS Diwali Party Specific
445 Spanish Caucus 2018-11-13 NCID and International Development Research in Spain: A Conversation with Prof. Luis Ravina Specific
446 Spanish Caucus 2018-11-27 Data science at scale: policy, education and government. A Conversation with Christine Choirat Specific
447 Colombian Caucus 2018-11-15 Event Name: Talk with Luis Gilberto Murillo Specific
448 U.S. Foreign Policy Club 2018-11-14 Foreign Policy Club Event Specific
449 W3D - Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development 2018-11-14 W3D Discussion with Ms. Joyce L. Connery Specific
451 Women at HKS 2018-11-28 Trauma-Informed Yoga Specific
452 Human Rights PIC 2018-11-15 Rohingya Crisis Panel Specific
453 Health Policy PIC 2018-11-13 Dinner with Joanne Kenen Specific
454 Effective Altruism Student Group 2018-11-16 Effective Altruism Lunch Discussion Specific
456 Christian Fellowship 2018-11-15 Thanksgiving Dinner Specific
457 Women at HKS 2018-11-26 WIP Happy Hour for New Board Members Specific
458 Africa Caucus 2018-11-15 Career Networking Specific
459 LGBTQ Caucus 2018-11-19 Film Screening: The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson Specific
461 Venezuelan Caucus 2018-11-15 The Venezuelan Caucus at the Harvard Kennedy School is pleased to invite you to the first of a series of talks about the current collapse in Venezuela and its potential road to reconstruction. Specific
462 Muslim Caucus 2018-11-29 Professional networking Specific
463 Korea Caucus 2018-11-16 Korea Caucus HKS-HBS Mixer Specific
464 Israel Caucus 2018-11-15 Israeli Caucus Movie night Specific
465 Pakistan Caucus 2018-11-18 Networking Dinner Specific
466 Southeast Asia Caucus 2018-11-20 ASEAN Success Story - AsiaAsia Specific
467 European Club 2018-11-28 European Club Workshop on the future of EU-US relationships Specific
468 Colombian Caucus 2018-11-20 Colombian Pizza and Politics Specific