SchoolNext provides customized solutions that suit the requirements of individual schools – whether you already have the facilities for E-learning or you are just embarking on a fresh solution. SchoolNext solution is geared towards helping schools build on top of utilize their existing infrastructure or start from scratch. We offer solutions which schools can further customize to suit their requirements.
This solution is ideal for schools that already have infrastructure facilities like connectivity, TV monitors with projectors or computer facilities for multi-media display. As part of this solution, we provide:
  • Several hours of highly interactive SchoolNext multi-media content for classes from VI to X for the CBSE/NCERT syllabus

  • SchoolNext Content Delivery software

  • One server where SchoolNext content delivery software is installed

This solution is ideal for schools that do not have the required infrastructure for our content solution. This solution is comprehensive and includes the content solution,
we also provide
  • Computers in the classroom, server where content delivery
    software is installed

  • LAN set-up to connect the classrooms to the central server

  • Interactive boards with Projectors or a TV for content display

The solutions are set-up by our experienced engineers to ensure high availability and robustness. For further information on which solution would better suit your requirement, please get in touch with us at