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LearnNext is a computer based learning system to study the entire CBSE syllabus from home. With LearnNext, students can say goodbye to rigid class schedules, vague concepts and tiresome tests. They are not just learning concepts and formulas but experiencing and exploring a bright, vibrant world of learning.
  • Highly interactive, easy to use and effective course content with audio-visuals

  • CBSE syllabus for Class VI, Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX and Class X in Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & Mathematics

  • Convenience and the ability to learn at any place and any time

  • Over 150 lessons explained with multimedia course content, solved examples & experiments

  • Lesson wise revision tests at the end of every lesson with a key and explanations

  • An 'Ask Your Teacher' feature for personalized doubt clarification

  • Model & Custom Tests per subject to prepare better for exams

  • Above all, Learning becomes a happy experience with LearnNext

TeachNext is the most innovative and simplest classroom solution for any school’s digitization needs. TeachNext consists of a unique hardware and software design and comes in a easy to setup and maintain box. The box is completely controlled with the remote. The TeachBox content is based on multimedia with lessons presented through an audio-visual medium. In addition TeachNext also contains solved examples and exercises to enhance the students learning and better prepare them for the exams. The content strictly follows the NCERT Guidelines and Syllabus.
  • A Unique & Innovative Product

  • No setup requirement - Get it, Plug It & it is Ready

  • No complicated hardware systems, a simple teaching in a box

  • Completely controlled by simple remote

  • Ideal Classroom Solution

  • Rich Multimedia content for Classes VI - X

  • Content as per NCERT guidelines and syllabus

  • No training cost for schools & lower preparation time for teachers

  • Lesson Plan to aid the teacher in preparing for the class

  • Easy to use interface

  • Continuous maintenance and support